Soo Yeoun Lee

  • Board-Certified and Registered Art Therapist (Art Therapy Credential Board, USA)
  • Licensed Creative Art Therapist (New York State Department of Education, USA)
  • Masters of Arts in Art Therapy (New York University, USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theory & English Language and Literature (Hong Ik University, South Korea)

I join my client’s unique healing journey with integrated holistic approach of art therapy, talk therapy, psychodynamic theory, relational-cultural therapy, client-centered therapy, mindfulness practice, CBT and DBT techniques. Client is the expert of their own journey and I come in with my own experiences, insights, and wisdom in life as well as professional knowledge. I am here to guide you, walk alongside you, and sometimes push you in your healing journey.

I believe every person is an artist in a way, picturing and writing their own stories. In art therapy, there is neither right or wrong ways of making art, nor good or bad artist. I encourage my clients to use art as one of communication methods. Sometimes it’s hard to express oneself in a verbal language and we need some time to understand what’s going on inside us. During the art making process, clients can start to understand themselves, gain new perspectives, gain a sense of mastery and achievement, learn and develop distress tolerance skills, coping skills, organizational skills, and self-soothing skills. In one’s healing journey, art can be used as a safe and strong tool.

  • Art Therapy
  • Children, adolescent, young adults
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma
  • For a certain period of my life, I knew how to play an oboe, a violin, a piano, a sogeum (Korean traditional musical instrument), and an ukulele.
  • My least favorite art medium is watercolor paints because it’s too watery and hard to control for me. Still, I often challenge myself to use watercolor in self-care. It helps to accept who I am, my vulnerability, weakness, frustration, and to practice letting things go.
We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.
– J.K. Rowling