Noreen Jaden, Founder/CEO, Registered Psychologist (CAN)

  • Advanced Corporate Coaching Program (CCU)
  • Business Coaching Essentials Certificate (CCU)
  • Registered Psychologist License (Alberta, Canada)
  • Master of Science, Marriage & Family Therapy (Loma Linda University)
  • Graduate Certificate, Family Life Education (Loma Linda University)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (University of Alberta)
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Alignment Coaching (personal/values alignment, business process/strategic alignment, organizational alignment)
  • Entrepreneurial/Start-up Coaching
  • Cross Cultural Adaptation

I started Adaptable Human Solutions with an ambition to provide a space for both individuals and organizations to imagine and create new possibilities. A place where new ideas emerge, transformation occurs, and synergy is found within and between individuals and teams.

I am a firm believer that work should be more than a means to an end and is one more place that we can live out our purpose and experience with great meaning in our lives. With a vision of seeing others step more fully into their places of highest contribution, I blend my background as a Canadian psychologist, business leader and consultant to catalyze change.

Little thrills me more, professionally and personally, than having the privilege of seeing people more fully step into the lives they believe they were meant to live, embracing their passion and purpose. When I am privileged to be alongside them in their journey as leaders, entrepreneurs, or individuals, hearing of the joy this brings them and viewing the upward cycle of their development and contributions to their organizations is an amazing experience.

As a psychologist turned entrepreneur/business coach/consultant, I am passionate about merging all kinds of development models for unique and best outcomes. As conversations are facilitated and new thought processes are triggered, possibilities are expanded and in this space, new ideas, projects and businesses are born. My personal journey has transformed into one of supporting other entrepreneurs, start-ups, and leaders of larger business in process alignment as well as personal alignment.

If I had to sum up my coaching/consulting in one word, it would be “alignment” as it is often about aligning processes, people, and programs to experience and deliver the greatest value. Whether I am actively coaching, coming from a place of leading my organization, or just living in my community this is likely one of my own highest places of contribution and truly a place of meaning for me.

Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
  • Alberta, Canada
    Fun Facts and Tidbits
    • After giving kitesurfing multiple go’s, I’ve found a much more agreeable watersport. Rowing and I are becoming fast friends.
    • My strong wanderlust continues to have me seeking new adventures across this great earth. Those who know me well know that I am a fan of the whole spectrum - from less than comfortable off-the-beaten path explorations to fabulously indulgent hotels and spas. Like much of life, it’s all about the mindset...
    • In 2009, I was honored to become an Honorary Seoul Citizen.
    Managers light a fire under people, Leaders light a fire in them - Kate Austin


    Eunice Ra, Clinical Director, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (USA)

    • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (California, USA)
    • Certified Sandplay Practitioner (STA)
    • Masters of Social Work (University of Southern California)
    • Master of Arts (Seoul National University)
    • Bachelor of Arts (Seoul National University)
    Philosophy of Treatment

    I work from a Jungian psychoanalytic model, and believe that the psyche has an inherent tendency to heal itself. I view the task of the therapist as working with the client in preparing the path for this propensity towards healing. I also use dream analysis and symbol work to support my clients in gaining insight and making change.

    In addition to holding a clinical license, I am a certified Kalffian Sandplay therapist who specializes in therapeutic play with children and adolescents. I have seen first hand, how Sandplay Therapy can establish an inner peace that facilitates the potential for development of the total personality, including its intellectual and spiritual aspects (Dora Kalff).

    • Children in all age ranges and parents
    • Cross-cultural couples and families
    • Anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, developmental issues, eating disorders, somatization, fostering and adoption
    • Cultural adjustment, expatriate issues and TCKs
    • Grief and Loss
    • Midlife crisis and life transitions
    • Creativity and inner growth
    • Jungian Sandplay therapy and Depth psychology
    • Bilingual (English and Korean)
    Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
    • California, USA
      Fun Facts and Tidbits
      • I am a big believer and beneficiary of prenatal yoga.
      • As an Australian government Fellowship holder, I got an opportunity to reside in Sydney, Australia. My daughter started her primary school there.
      • My favorite TV show is Six Feet Under, HBO series.
      In all chaos there is a cosmos,
      in all disorder a secret order.
      - Carl Jung

      Young Pak, Director of Organizational & People Development, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (USA)

      • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Arkansas, USA)
      • Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (ACU)
      • Bachelor of Science, Psychology (ACU)
      Philosophy of Treatment

      I believe that therapy is a whole-person process involving one's emotional experiences, intelligence, and interpersonal processes. I see my role as to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental, and empathetic working space for clients to tell their stories and actively engage their own generative thinking processes and problem-solving creativity that may have been too stressed and overwhelmed from everyday life. I engage therapy as a focused, co-constructive dialogue that offers an opportunity for clients to externalize their thoughts and examine them from a different perspective.

      Clients can then gain a level of objectivity and use my responses to more accurately gauge their way of dealing with their current situation and arising issues. Therapy is an opportunity to identify with an empathetic therapist, the small changes to implement in a client's life can lead to more significant transformation. People learn through the direct experience of being treated differently by another and through themselves behaving differently with the therapist.

      I integrate several different therapeutic approaches to facilitate this focused effort including: CBT, solution-focused therapy, Bowenian systems therapy, narrative therapy, and Haley & Madanes strategic approach. The therapeutic techniques that come from these models mainly serve as tools to bolster a client’s focus and use their naturally occurring healing processes. I use an integrative approach in order to specially design techniques and procedures to fit the unique needs of each client. I have also seen that a client’s faith in therapy, hope’s for the process, and involvement in work are an important key to achieving successful therapeutic outcomes.

      • Adolescence and related family issues
      • Alcohol and Drug Dependency
      • Anger Management
      • Cross-cultural relationships
      • Depression and Anxiety
      • Expatriate issues - transition-adaptation-wellness
      • Family of Origin Issues
      • Grief and Loss
      • Individuals Couples and Families
      • Interpersonal Conflicts
      • Recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
      • Self-Esteem Issues
      Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
      • Arkansas, USA
        Fun Facts and Tidbits
        • Although I was born and raised in the U.S., I was often mistaken as a foreign exchange student in many of the small cities that I lived in, which was not all bad considering that I was offered extra time on exams and was treated to Chinese food a lot.
        • In the 3rd grade, when my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I said, "I wanted to be a cowboy...or a therapist." I'm glad one of those worked out.
        We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.
        ― Ravi Zacharias

        Esther Jang, Licensed Professional Counselor (South Korea)

        • Doctoral degree - Counseling & Coaching (Yonsei University)
        • Master of Arts- Religion & Psychology (Graduation Theological Union, California)
        • Master of Divinity (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, California)
        • Bachelor of Science (Ewha Women’s University)
        Philosophy of Treatment

        My therapeutic approach is an integrative model which includes an intersubjective psychodynamic approach and cognitive-behavior therapy as well as dialectic behavior therapy. I truly believe that therapeutic process is a journey to find one’s true self. So spirituality is another important part of my therapeutic process. My academic specialty is multiculturalism. I pay attention to cultural issues because acculturation stress will critically influence clients’ mental health and their well-beings when people try to adjust in a new country.

        • Mood & anxiety disorders
        • PTSD (Sexual Trauma)
        • Cross cultural couples and families
        • Cultural adaptation issues
        • Self-harming behavior
        • Bilingual (English and Korean)
        Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
        • California, USA
          Fun Facts and Tidbits
          • My biggest dream is becoming a grandma, I can’t wait to hold my first grandchild in my arms.
          • My two favorite things are teaching graduate students and working in a clinic.
          • I love to play golf because it demands to play against my urge.
          How could one tolerate a foreigner if one did not know one was a stranger to oneself? - Julia Kristeva

          William Lee, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (USA)

          • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (California, USA)
          • Masters in Social Work (Smith College)
          • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (University of California, Santa Cruz)
          Philosophy of Treatment

          I believe that seeking support is a natural occurrence to taking care of ourselves. We often confide with friends and family but a therapeutic relationship is in a unique position that focuses directly on facilitating healing, movement and betterment.

          My approach is client centered, driven by curiosity and collaboration. I engage clients with non-judgement and compassion where I aim to understand each client’s unique experiences in the context of their emotional process and environment. Then my role evolves to support clients to increase awareness of their internal and interpersonal process to be acknowledged, tolerated or integrated into their lives.

          My treatment approach is multi-modal, highly customized to the client. I primarily use the lense of Systems, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness-based perspective but will also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral strategies and coping-skills building.

          • Children and families, individual adults
          • Child development
          • Parenting skills
          • Self identity and development
          • Crisis
          • ADHD
          • Anxiety
          • Depression
          • Bipolar Disorder
          • Psychotic Disorders
          • Bilingual (English and Cantonese)
          Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
          San Francisco, CA
          Fun Facts and Tidbits
          • I was born and raised in San Francisco, CA and recently moved to South Korea in April 2016.
          • What drives me is seeing people be the best version of themselves.
          • My dog’s name is George. I named him way before Prince William named his son!
          The emotions that we repeat are those we are most identified with and least aware of; they are what we resist knowing in ourselves and what we are in the most need of applying bare attention to. - Mark Epstein.

          Minah Yoo,Canadian Certified Counselor (CCC, Canada)

          • Canadian Certified Counselor (CCC, Canada)
          • MA – Counseling Psychology, Trinity Western University
          • BA – Psychology, Trinity Western University
          Philosophy of Treatment

          I feel privileged to be in the counseling room with my clients who are investing the courage to share their own stories and deepest emotions, and taking steps to make positive changes in their lives.

          I have worked with international students, immigrants and locals in the multicultural city of Vancouver, Canada. My clients were children, adolescents, their parents and other adults with a wide variety of personal issues. Along with other ethical standards, I believe understanding and respecting the unique cultural and personal backgrounds of my clients is essential in developing effective therapeutic relationships with them. My own experience of being raised in two distinct cultures has helped increase my awareness of and respect toward individuals who come from different backgrounds, and who might be facing the challenges of adapting to a completely alien culture.

          In terms of my therapeutic approach, my goal is to practice integrative counseling, which goes beyond eclectic counseling. I believe the most effective counseling demands openness and the flexibility to modify different strategies on the part of the therapist, which will fit the unique needs and the situation of the individual client. Having said that, the theories that resonate most closely with my therapeutic approach are person-centered and family systems. I value individuals as unique and believe that we are constantly choosing in spite of having embedded influences from our formative years. Some of the interventions I use – depending on the individual situation of the client - include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Existential Therapy and Art Therapy.

          Although many clients might perceive my role as that of a 'healer,' I would like to think of my clients as "fellow travelers" instead of making distinctions between clients and therapists (Irvin D. Yalom).

          • Cross-cultural families
          • Cultural adjustment
          • Children, adolescents, parents, young adults
          • Depression, anxiety, ADHD
          • Interpersonal relationships
          • Self-esteem issues
          • Assertiveness training
          • Career counseling
          • Bilingual (English and Korean)
          Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
          Vancouver, Canada
          Fun Facts and Tidbits
          • I am one of those people who need a certain amount of sleep in order to function well the next day. According to my friends, I become a completely different person after 11pm, and I say things that do not make sense or are difficult to understand.
          • Whenever I bake healthy cookies or muffins, my family and friends have one bite, and only one bite… not because they don’t taste good, but because they are too healthy!
          • Our family has two lovely dogs named Cheolsu and Younghee.
          I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. - Carl Jung

          Gina Ro, Resident, Licensed Master Social Worker (USA)

          • Licensed Master Social Worker (New York, USA)
          • Masters of Social Work (Columbia University)
          • Bachelor of Arts (New York University)
          Philosophy of Treatment

          I believe that everyone and anyone can benefit from therapy. I see the purpose of therapy as learning about oneself in order to become the best possible version. I assume my role as a therapist by empowering the clients to help themselves in a sustainable way by revealing the available assets, whether they are internal or external. To succeed in that, I strive to create an environment that can foster a therapeutic partnership rather than a helper-helpee relationship.

          I have worked with children and adults exposed to trauma, fragile families, and elderly population that struggle with cultural adaptation struggles. I feel that it was a privilege to work with each one of my clients as they instilled wisdom, inspiration, and hope in me on daily basis. Through the experience, I also learned that clients are the best experts on their lives. This is why I think being non judgemental and open minded is imperative as a therapist.

          Because every client has different stories and needs, my approach to therapy is specifically catered to each client. To commit to this client-centered approach, I like to use the skills used in Motivational Interviewing to elicit the client’s own reasons and goals for the desired change. Even though my therapeutic approach may vary depending on the client, one consistent component of my work is learning about the client through an integrative lens. Individuals do not exist in a vacuum, and I find knowing the context of an individual help me provide the most holistic services. Two models of therapy that I use to complement this integrative lens is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

          • Children and Family therapy
          • Depression and Anxiety
          • Self esteem issues
          • Interpersonal relationships
          • Trauma
          • Cultural adaptation issues
          • Bilingual (English and Korean)
          Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
          • New York, USA
            Fun Facts and Tidbits
            • I have a bucketlist, and my next big one to check off is doing the triathlon
            • I have watched the entire 10 seasons of Friends at least 10 times.
            • I have never met an adult who have smaller hands than me.
            “The only thing that is constant is change” - Heraclitus

            정승환, Certified Clinical Psychologist (Korea)

            • 임상심리전문가
            • 정신보건임상심리사1급
            • 게슈탈트상담전문가
            • 석사 - 임상심리학: 연세대학교
            Philosophy of Treatment

            모든 사람은 그 자체로 존중받아야 한다고 생각합니다. 내담자의 자기실현과 행복한 삶을 돕는 것이 상담자의 역할입니다. 치료는 관계를 통해 체험적으로 일어나는 것이며, 자신의 모습을 있는 그대로 알아차리면서도 수용하도록 돕고, 자기 자신이 자신의 삶의 진정한 주체가 되도록 하는 과정이 상담에서 이루어집니다. 주 치료 접근법으로 게슈탈트치료, 정신분석, 애착이론, 인지행동치료 등을 사용합니다.

            • 우울
            • 불안
            • 대인관계
            • 아동 양육
            • 부부관계치료
            • EAP
            Fun Facts and Tidbits
            • 취미는 바둑과 여행, 자건거타기이며 조만간 수영을 배울 계획입니다.
            진인사 대천명(盡人事待天命) 어떤 일이든지 자신의 노력으로 최선을 다한 뒤에 그 성공의 여부는 하늘의 뜻에 따라 겸허하게 받아들인다. 고중작락(苦中作樂) 괴로움 가운데도 즐거움이 있다.

            Emilie Staryak, Licensed Professional Counselor (USA)

            • Licensed Professional Counselor (Colorado, USA)
            • Master of Science, Clinical Community Counseling (Johns Hopkins University)
            • Bachelor of Science (Drake University)
            Philosophy of Treatment

            I believe that everyone can benefit from counseling. Whether a person is in crisis, suffering from long-term struggles, or simply wants to learn more about themselves, something can be gained from an genuine, honest, and nonjudgmental counseling relationship.

            I approach therapy from the Cognitive Behavioral perspective that by identifying and changing patterns of thought and behavior, a person can begin to change the way they feel. When integrating CBT with other approaches designed specifically for that client, as well as a genuine counseling relationship, the client and I can begin to see a more full picture of the issues that brought the person in, explore arising issues, and begin the process of change.

            • Trauma
            • Grief and Loss
            • Military families
            • Self-Esteem Issues
            • Coping skills
            • Cultural Adjustment
            • Anxiety and Depression
            • Play Therapy
            • Child/Adolescent and Parent Relationships
            • Child and Adolescent Behavior
            • Parenting Skills
            • Mindfulness
            Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
            • I lived in Seoul and provided counseling for AHS clients from 2010-2012. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.
              Fun Facts and Tidbits
              • I have always been an animal lover and have owned many pets. Right now I only have a rescued dog, Marley and rescued cat, Tigres.
              • I have moved a total 17 times in my life.
              Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. - Shannon L. Alder

              EK Seo, Licensed Professional Counselor (USA)

              • Licensed Professional Counselor (Louisiana, USA)
              • Master of Biblical Counseling (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
              • Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary)
              • Master of Theology in Psychology and Counseling (NOBTS)
              • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Counseling(NOBTS)
              Philosophy of Treatment

              In my counseling practices, I find that human beings naturally seek a connection with others and also struggle with feeling incompetent. My ultimate goals of therapy are to assist clients to build healthy relationships and validate their dignity by utilizing empathy and respect in counseling process. My approach to counseling is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as well as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR therapy has 85% success rate with PTSD, and also it is used to treat many other psychological issues including anxiety, panic attacks, anger, and etc. Also, I use some techniques from Dialectical Behavior Therapy for emotion regulation and stress management.

              • Traumas, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
              • Anxiety, panic attacks
              • Stress management
              • Emotion regulation issues
              • Interpersonal relationship issues
              • Alcohol and Drug dependency
              • Acculturation Issues
              • Biblical counseling
              • Bilingual (English and Korean)
              Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
              • New Orleans, USA
                Fun Facts and Tidbits
                • I love to watch soccer. Every World Cup season makes me so excited.
                When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. - Viktor E. Frankl

                HJ Shim, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (USA)

                • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Virginia, USA)
                • PhD, Clinical Psychology (University of Virginia)
                • Masters, Clinical Psychology (University of Virginia)
                • Masters, Child and Family Studies (Seoul National University)
                • Bachelor of Arts, Child and Family Studies (Seoul National University)
                Philosophy of Treatment

                I have strived to be a culturally competent and sensitive psychologist who serves individuals and families in transitions, crises, and challenges. With a multicultural framework where all differences, identities, and orientations are safely explored and validated, I also endeavor to ground my specific clinical interventions that have been research informed as much as possible. As such, I have worked with populations (i.e., international students, veterans with readjustment issues and PTSD, women in a domestic violence shelter, refugees) at various settings like college counseling centers and a hospital. I have had the privilege of obtaining the specialized training at a center for traumatic stress for the past two years, treating people with (poly)traumatic stress with Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Through this work I have gained such an appreciation for the challenges in life that shake our very foundation, but have also seen the absolute resiliency for people to survive and to push forward.

                • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Co-occurring clinical conditions related to traumatic stress
                • Depression and Anxiety
                • Individuals and families who experience crises, transitions, and adjustment issues such as divorce, graduation, acculturation, deployment and trauma
                • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
                • Comprehensive psychological & diagnostic assessment including LD and ADHD
                • Career counseling
                • Bilingual (English and Korean)
                Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
                • Akron, Ohio
                  Fun Facts and Tidbits
                  • My all-time favorite band is Metallica.
                  • When I was in my twenties, I backpacked through Europe for two months.
                  • I am a yogi, and am also a huge believer in pre-natal yoga.
                  • I love making traveling plans for myself, my family, and social circles. It’s my biggest hobby and I’m always searching for the next greatest trip!
                  They remind us that creating a protected space where survivors can speak their truth is an act of liberation. They remind us that bearing witness, even within the confines of that sanctuary, is an act of solidarity. - Judith Lewis Herman

                  Jennifer Nolan, Licensed Professional Counselor (USA)

                  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Louisiana, USA)
                  • Master of Education Counseling (Southeastern Louisiana University)
                  • Bachelor of Arts Social Work with a Minor in Sociology (Southeastern Louisiana University)
                  Philosophy of Treatment

                  My practice is guided by the following principles:

                  • Everyone has the ability to change and readiness is based on each individual.
                  • It is my role to provide a safe environment in which clients can authentically examine any unhealthy coping strategies and replace them with healthy, more productive coping strategies.
                  • Collaboratively work with clients to increase self-awareness and facilitate reaching a healthy potential.

                  The therapeutic modalities that influence my work include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Systems Theory and Mindfulness Approaches.

                  • Children, Adolescents and Families
                  • Depression and Anxiety
                  • Grief and Loss
                  • Trauma (Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence)
                  • Military Family Issues
                  • Group Psychotherapy
                  Most Recent Home prior to being in Seoul
                  • San Antonio, Texas, USA
                    Fun Facts and Tidbits
                    • College Track and Field Athlete
                    • 1st Degree Black Belt Taekwondo
                    Only when we're brave enough to explore the darkness we discover the infinite power of our light.
                    - Brené Brown

                    Client Support Staff

                    Sarah Lee

                    Operations/Finance Director

                    While Sarah is the face you don’t often get to see, she is actually the miracle worker behind those complex billing and accounting concerns. You can count on Sarah to not only hold your hand, but to make these matters vanish into thin air.
                    Life is like accounting, everything must be balance.
                    - Unknown

                    Grace Park

                    Client Services Manager

                    The level of engagement you will have with Grace is undeniable. With her welcoming presence and natural ability to guide, you will immediately feel invited and at ease.
                    Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J. Marine

                    Jane Heo

                    Client Services

                    With one smile, Jane can light up an entire room. Through her gentle leading, she will provide the support you need with a warm embrace
                    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller