Do you live outside of Seoul or PyeongTaek? Do you want to manage your time efficiently? Ask about our secure telehealth(TH) counseling!

Telehealth with AHS is for you

∘ If you live outside of Seoul, like Songdo, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan, Ulsan, Tongyeong, Geoje, Jeju

∘ If you can't come visit our office for various reasons

∘ If you want efficient time management

Benefits of online versus in-person counseling

∘ You can choose the place

With AHS’ telehealth services, you can have psychological counseling services either at home, office or wherever you are most comfortable.

∘ No Commuting Necessary

Your therapy time is just that. No need for extra time on either side to get to and from.

∘ More Possibilities for Scheduling

Many clients have chosen from AHS’ extensive booking options, opting for sessions in the early morning and late night as well as during regular office hours allowing them to manage their time efficiently. Please feel free to ask us about more options.

How does it happen?

∘ Secure Online Platform

We use a video telephone conference platform which complies with the online counseling regulations in the U.S. - this means that it is encrypted and you enjoy a secure link to your therapist.

∘ Accessible

You can access your personal link by using not only desktop but also laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Wherever you have a strong internet connection, you can enjoy online counseling sessions with your AHS therapist.

∘ Payment Options

You can make a payment by credit card or bank transfer.

(Seoul 174-890021-52104 KEB Hana Bank, Adaptable Human Solutions Ltd.

PyeongTaek 438-910035-24704 KEB Hana Bank, Adaptable Human Solutions Ltd.)

For more details related to tele mental health with AHS,
please feel free to contact 02 749 7915 (local) / +82 2 749 7915 (Intl. call) or [email protected]