Getting Here

Located conveniently in central Seoul at Gongdeok Station, we offer an inviting and comfortable office space for you to meet with AHS Professionals.

We are located in Suite #2502 of Building 101 of the Lotte Castle.

With subway access directly into the building, free underground parking, proximity to the US military base, location on major roadways, and a central location our office space is very conveniently situated for our clients.

To enter the building from B1 or B5, dial '2502' and press the 'Call' button. Our staff will let you into the building, but without a security card, the elevator will only take you to the 1st floor. When you check in at the front desk on the 1st floor, the staff there will escort you to the 25th floor. When leaving our office, our staff will help you to whichever floor you need or you can exit freely on the 1st floor. If you have any difficulties, please call 02-749-7915.


Office & Directions

Gongdeok Station is on subway lines 5 (purple) and 6 (brown). Exit 2 leads you directly into floor B1 of our building (after a brief walk outside). Wheelchair access from the subway to street level is also available at exit 2.

Once you have entered the building on B1, continue straight down the hallway slightly to the right (between the eyeglasses store and the Subway Sandwich store), to the elevator entrance at the end of the hallway.

Driving Directions:

W. Heading West from the direction of Samgakji Stn & Itaewon Stn

As you approach the Gongdeok rotary, move to the lane second from the right. Proceed through the intersection. The Lotte Castle is on your right.

N. Heading North from the Han River & Mapo Bridge (P-turn)

Stay to the right as you approach the Gongdeok rotary. Go through the intersection taking the right arm of the Y and move to the rightmost lane. After the intersection, immediately loop right and follow the road around to merge left into traffic heading west (Lotte Castle will be on your right after the intersection).

E. Heading East from the direction of Sinchon/Hongik University

As you approach the Gongdeok rotary, move to the leftmost U-Turn lane (do not cross the pedestrian crossing). When the light turns red and the pedestrians are crossing, do a U-Turn and pull immediately to the rightmost lane (refer to Parkade Entrance).

S. Heading South from Seoul Stn & Ah Hyeon Stn towards Mapo Stn & the Han River

As you approach the Gongdeok rotary, stay to the right. At the intersection, turn right following the signs for Sinchon rotary. Take the first right turn to take you behind the building where the parking entrance is located.

Parkade Entrance: To enter the Lotte Castle parking area, circle around the Lotte Castle and turn into the building entrance. Stop at the guard's kiosk before entering, and tell them you will be going to Officetel/101-2502 ("Oh Piece Tell, Ee Chun, Oh Baeg, Ee Ho") and they will give you a slip of paper for your car dashboard. Once parked, go to the Elevator Entrance of building 101.

NOTE: There are three different parking lots near the Lotte Castle area:

1) Hotel Parking

2) Lotte Plaza Parking

3) ​Lotte Castle Parking (there is one shared parking lot for both Building 101 & 102)

As each parking lot has a separate entrance, please ensure that you are entering the one under the Lotte Castle.

Elevators: Once you have finished parking, locate the elevator that takes you directly to the 1st floor, or the elevator that is used throughout Building 101. When you take the elevator, you will first need to go to the 1st floor of Building 101. Upon checking in at the lobby, the staff will help you to the 25th floor.

Please call our office if you have any difficulties, we would be glad to assist you.

There are bus stops all around our building at the Gongdeok intersection. After getting off the bus, look for subway exit 2.

  • Blue Bus: 110A, 160, 163, 260, 730, 800
  • Green Bus: 1711, 7013, 7013A, 7013B, 7016, 7611
  • Red Bus: 2300, 2500, 8600
  • Green Village Bus: 02, 10, 17
  • Airport Bus: 6015, 6701 (KAL Limo), 6702 (KAL Limo)

For those arriving from outside of Seoul by train, we are located relatively near to three major train stations:

Seoul Station:

By Subway: Take line 4 (light blue) one stop to Samgakji Stn, change to line 6 (brown) to Gongdeok Stn (2 stops).

By Bus: Exit throught the rear of the station, bus 163 or 263 go directly to Gongdeok Stn.

By Taxi: Exit through the rear of the station (left when you exit the tracks into the main station lobby) and proceed down the stairs to the taxi stand.

Yeoung Deung Po Station:

By Subway: Take line 1 (dark blue) one stop to SinGil Stn, change to line 5 (purple) two stops to Gongdeok Stn.

By Bus: Exit the front of the station. For Blue bus 260, go left about 25m to the bus stop. For Red Bus 2300 or 2400, cross the street on the left, and walk about 35m to the stop.

By Taxi: Exit through the front doors of the station, taxis line up on either side of the intersection.

Yong San Station:

By Subway: Take line 1 (dark blue) one stop to Singil Stn. Take line 5 (purple) two stops to Gongdeok Stn.

By Subway & Bus: Exit the station and walk one short block to the bus stop at Sin Yongsan Stn. Take any bus that stops at Samgakji. There you may take line 6 (brown) two stops to Gongdeok Stn, or walk east about 75m and take bus 110A from directly in front of, and and on the same side as, the War Museum.

By Taxi: Taxis line up in front of the I-Park Complex. Proceed down the large stairs.

In order to make it a little easier to find the offices of Adaptable Human Solutions, you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with these photos.

Entering the building

AHS from the Subway, Gongdeok Station (Line 6), Exit 2:

AHS from the street level at exit no.2:

When you enter the building as above, go through the hallway between the Eyeglass Shop and the Hair Salon, as indicated by the red arrow:

Once you dial 2502 and press "Call", our staff will open the door depicted below but you can only take the elevator to 1F. There, ask the front desk staff to send you up to the 25th floor:


Office Hours

  • 1PM - 9PM
  • 10AM - 9PM
  • 10AM - 6PM

Office Info

  • Bldg 101 Suite 2502
    Lotte Castle President
    109 Mapo DaeRo
    Mapo Gu, Seoul
    South Korea
    서울시 마포구 마포대로 109
    롯데캐슬프레지던트 101동 2502호
    우 04146
  • 02-749-7915