[NOTICE] KBLA Webinar presented by Noreen Jaden, CEO of Adaptable Human Solutions


Happy Tuesday.


In light of COVID-19, mental health is becoming more and more important all over the world. In particular, if you are a leader of a company and need to stabilize the work environment in these unprecedented times, it must be challenging to deal with.

In response to this, Noreen Jaden will present at the Webinar hosted by KBLA, titled: Managing Anxiety in the workforce.


3 Key Points to learn from this webinar:

1. What happens internally and how is this different now?
2. Why this matters
3. What you can do


This webinar is only open to KBLA members and special guests and the cost is free. This webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 29th from 9 AM to 11 AM KST. Please refer to the poster below for other time zones. You can go to the page to register by clicking the poster.

We hope you all stay healthy!