Written by Seo Jung Lee, Associated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (USA)

When was the last time you sat down with your kids and other family members to share how you’ve been doing during the pandemic?

It’s been about two years since the pandemic changed the course of our daily lives. Now, it’s slowly looking like things are transforming into the new normal. For some it will be natural for them to slide back into the way life was and for some it might take some time.

So now is a good time to reflect on how you acted as a family unit.

Here are some questions you can start with:

  • How did communication and interaction change, and maybe evolve, since the pandemic?
  • Has there been more tension?
  • Has the style of communication shifted?

Each family unit develops their own family routine and pattern, and this naturally changes over time and experiences. When external or internal change happens, it impacts the family routine and pattern.

Family therapy provides space to openly share experience and feelings with one another. If the family unit isn’t used to speaking openly about their feelings, it may take some getting used to. But it’s very important to learn to be open and vulnerable with each other, even if it’s awkward in the beginning. Family therapy can help facilitate these conversations and support the family unit as you communicate your thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner.

Take some time to reflect on the questions above. How do you think your family members will respond to the questions?

A family is one emotional unit. How is your family doing?

Let’s talk and reflect about it. Together.

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