Asking for help

is a sign of sanity, perhaps even wisdom.

Being heard

seen, and understood are basic human needs.

All deserve

to hope, grow, and have relief from pain.


can be daunting, but is very rarely impossible.
At AHS we hold to the belief that therapy should be culturally relevant and open to anyone who is seeking care, change, and a place to process the complexities that come with being human. We care deeply about creating space for people and we hold to the highest ethical standards of inclusive work.

The Therapy Process

Making the Initial Appointment

You can contact our office by phone, email, or by using our contact form to set up an initial consultation. One of our intake coordinators will support you in identifying which therapist would be the best fit for your particular goals, situation, preferences, and schedule. This person will walk you through all the steps to ensure that you have the information you need heading into your first appointment.


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