1Do you have therapists who speak fluent English?
Yes... and more than just able to speak English, our Therapy Team includes native English speakers. They were born, trained, and licensed in Western countries, so, not only can they communicate naturally with you, they will understand your cultural experience in Korea. Our therapists have a wide range of educational and cultural experiences that ensure our clients receive culturally competent services.
2Do you have therapists who speak fluent Korean?
Yes, our Therapy Team includes native Korean speakers who can see Korean clients and have a full understanding of Korean culture. Our Korean-speaking therapists have been trained and licensed overseas so they have their own cross-cultural and expat experiences in addition to their Korean cultural knowledge.
3Can you provide services in any other languages?
Our language offerings depend on our staff at the time. Some languages that have been available include French, Portuguese, and Chinese. Contact our office to see if we provide services in your language.
4What are your therapy hours?
Each therapist has a different schedule, but appointments can be made during our office hours:
  • 10am-9pm Mondays to Thursdays
  • 10am-6pm on Fridays & Saturdays
5How do your fees work?
We have one fee for all of our therapy services. We also have financial programs for clients needing financial support to receive counseling at more affordable rates. Please contact our office for more information.
6Will my receipts be in English or Korean?
Invoices and receipts can be provided in English. Our Client Support Staff is bilingual, so our clients can easily communicate their paperwork and billing needs.
7Can you bill my insurance company directly?

Our staff’s professional qualifications allow clients to receive reimbursement under most insurance plans. While AHS is a preferred provider for insurance companies such as HTH and Tricare, we work in conjunction with many insurance companies from around the world. We do offer direct billing as a convenience for our clients, meaning less money out of their pockets and less paperwork headaches!

Here are just a few insurance companies we routinely deal with: AETNA, Afspa, BUPA, Tiecare, Global, GeoBlue, Scholars, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Unfortunately, Korean National Health Insurance does not cover counseling services at this time.

8Where is your office?

Our Seoul office is located in Mapo-gu, right at Gongdeok station (subway lines 5 & 6), on the 25th floor of the Lotte Castle President. For directions to our office. click here.

Our PyeongTaek office is located near Camp Humphreys, on the 12th floor of the Odyssey Eagle III. For directions to our office. click here.

9Do you prescribe medication?
We do not prescribe medication nor provide medical or psychiatric services. However, we do have professional relationships with local psychiatrists and doctors, and often (are able to) refer clients for medication and/or consultation on matters outside our scope of work.
10Do you have a 24-hour crisis response service?
Currently we do not provide crisis intervention, nor have the necessary resources to triage situations involving risk. We refer to community resources to support clients in crisis, or requiring assistance outside of our office hours. At times, we are able to accommodate last minute appointments, but this is contingent on the space available and the severity of the crisis.


1How long is each session?
Most client sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours. Some clients may choose to book longer appointments to meet goals more quickly. We operate on a 55 minute hour to help facilitate flow in the office.
2How many sessions will I need to meet my goals?
As the therapeutic process depends on various factors (such as your current circumstances, goals, the degree of symptoms, etc), it is difficult for us to provide an exact amount of time it will take to meet your goals. For some clients, the process is shorter in term as goals can be achieved quickly, while other clients enjoy using the therapy process for more long term goals and depth-oriented journeys. What we can offer is our commitment to work with you, to make your process as helpful as it can be, in the time that you have.
3How do I start the process?
The easiest way to make an appointment with a therapist is to contact our office at 02-749-7915, and ask to speak to one of our intake coordinators. She will support you in identifying the therapist who best meets your needs and preferences, and will help answer any questions that you may have. You can also connect to the Client Services Coordinator by emailing [email protected], where the coordinator will respond to your questions and arrange a time to speak with you on the phone.