We specialize in Employee Development & Wellness,
so your company can grow to its fullest potential.

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Corporate Partnerships (CP) for Employee Support

At AHS, we use our expertise in human motivation, behavior and wellness to support your employees in building on their strengths, avoiding common pitfalls, and overcoming/utilizing obstacles and challenges so that they can perform to their highest potential.

When you offer high quality, culturally relevant counseling, coaching, training and other resources to your staff, you communicate your dedication and loyalty to their well-being, and raise their job satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

We specialize in Employee Wellness so that you can focus your energy on your business success.

Custom Corporate Partnerships are built with:

  • Clinical Counseling Services
  • Priority Access to Appointments
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Training Modules

For more information on creating a custom package for your company, contact our Corporate Division.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Coaching accelerates the development of individuals to achieve both personal and organizational aspirations.

Coaching occurs in the context of a powerful motivational relationship between an individual and a professional coach. By identifying a client’s strengths as well as barriers to achieving potential, the coaching process supports an individual to do more than simply imagine a different future.

Emphasizing concrete movement in the present moment, coaching bridges the gap between where the client currently is, and his or her preferred outcomes. Aligning actions with values, both company and personal, generates sustainable growth and development.

Who uses AHS for coaching?

Executive and other high value employees looking to expand their current strengths.

AHS coaching clients come from over 50 countries and countless industries and backgrounds, and are highly motivated, dedicated individuals never satisfied with the status quo.

To see if you and your team are ready for executive coaching, please contact our Corporate Division.

Corporate Training

We specialize in training that focuses on subjects that are best taught by psychological experts in order to produce outcomes that go beyond the educational realm, and into the transformational.

Our trainers give participants the opportunity to develop skills, perspectives, and insight that prepare them to continuously grow and discover long after training is over.

For more information on our regularly offered training, please contact our Corporate Division.

Critical Incident
Stress Management

Bad stuff happens in good companies.

But how those tragic and tricky situations are addressed can prevent unnecessary loss of employees, productivity, and time.

While it might sound counter-intuitive critical incidents often are a defining point in employee trust.

At AHS we provide experienced, licensed, psychological trainers and counselors to support you, your employees, and your business when the worst case scenario visits your business.

Examples of potential critical Incidents:

  • Suicide of a colleague or client
  • Serious injuries or deaths
  • Events with a high degree of threat to personnel
  • Events in which victims are related to staff
  • Loss of important manager or authority-figure

For more information on CISD services, please contact our Corporate Division.

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