Is it time for family therapy?

   Written by Seo Jung Lee, Associated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (USA)   When was the last time you sat down with your kids and other family members to share how you’ve been doing during the pandemic? It’s been about two years since the pandemic changed the course of our daily lives. Now, it’s […]

Couple Therapy – even when things seem okay

   Written by Seo Jung Lee, Associated Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (USA)   Close your eyes and imagine sitting on a sofa with your partner in your first couple therapy session. What brought you there? How are you feeling? Are you sitting close to your partner or does it feel like there’s a mountain […]

Changing Unwanted Behaviors to make a Lasting Change in Your Life

 Written by Minah Yoo, Canadian Certified Counselor (CCC, Canada) Do you ever find yourself engaging in a behavior even though you don’t want to? Some of you may have tried to stop an unwanted behavior but you keep finding yourself not succeeding or continually trying to break the habit. If you have, what have you […]

What to Expect When Seeing an Art Therapist

   Written by Soo Yeoun Lee, Board-Certified and Registered Art Therapist & Licensed Creative Art Therapist (USA) Here at AHS, we are starting to provide art therapy services. Some of you might have heard about art therapy before and are familiar with it. If you are not, you may think it’s only for children and/or […]

The struggles of aging in South Korea

   Written by Irina Roibu, Inquiry coordinator I love Korea for so many reasons: the food, the security, the gorgeous beaches and temples (especially the ones besides the sea), the hiking routes, the inexpensive and comfortable transportation, and fast internet speed. However, one thing I find hard to digest in South Korea is the obsession […]

Adjusting to the New Normal

   Written by Seo Jung Lee, Associate Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Change is always hard, whether it is planned or not. It can be exciting, yet the unknown can be a source of worry and anxiety. If it is a sudden change, then how greater is the anxiety? Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 […]