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If you value diverse interactions, excellent ethical standards and placing people first we want to hear from you!

Successful applicants also possess high levels of self-initiative, excellent organization and communication skills, great time management skills and the ability to adapt in a rapidly evolving environment. If you believe this fits your strengths and passions please apply.

The Values At Our Core


We believe that standing for our values and operating from them is what makes us a remarkable and exceptional company.


We believe this value allows us to obtain and maintain the highest quality of service, standard and ethics in our industry not only in Asia but globally as well.


Our business decisions ensure we're here for the long haul. We'll remain a resource for those who need us, and fulfill our professional commitments to the larger communities we have made our own.


A mindset that suspends assumption, invites inclusion and embraces diversity. This mindset is often demonstrated through our language by articulating what we mean in inclusive ways.


A holistic perspective and a deep appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between the self and the company. It's an attitude that believes the organization’s success propels the success of every contributing member.


AHS makes every effort to build our team with individuals who have a passion for personal and professional growth and development.

Notice on Employment & Recruiting

Committed to diversity, inclusion, and compliance. AHS embraces equal employment opportunity and a diverse workforce, making hiring and employment decisions based on individual merits and talent.

Employee Benefits

Medical Insurance

Your health and well-being are important to us. Our benefits package includes comprehensive medical coverage and other resources for you to manage your health.

Paid Time Off

When you work hard, you need time to recharge. We want you to go on that getaway or prioritize some time to take care of your family using our paid time-off and flex-time options.

Professional Growth

We believe in growth - a lot. AHS supports your career development with our continuing education and career path programs, leadership training courses, and allowances for certifications and professional memberships.

Family Care

Parents, we are here for you. Whether you’re welcoming a child through birth or adoption, government-funded paid parental leave is available to eligible employees.

Flexible Work

We empower you to excel at your job while making room for your personal life. AHS offers a flex-time program and remote work options in addition to working from the office.

Pension Plan

Retirement plans consist of funding from employees and employers to the national pension program. A great value of this program is that the rate of interest accruing on your pension is guaranteed to match the rate of inflation.

Culture of celebration

We love to celebrate milestones, from short-term accomplishments to long-term service awards.

Personal resources

Equipping our people to do their best work is a priority for us. Full-time employees are provided with their own personal computer and office space.

Additional perks

Free parking, gym access, snacks and refreshments, social events, and more!

Current Openings

Please don’t hesitate to send your details if you would like to be considered for other future openings. Apply for future openings »

Licensed Therapist, Seoul Office

LCSW, LPC, LCP/Registered Psychologist or equivalent​

Licensed Therapist, Pyeongtaek Office ​

LCSW, LPC, LCP/Registered Psychologist or equivalent

Resident Therapist​

Master’s degree & working towards full licensure​